Who We Are

We are a creative branding agency that is helping build brands that will move the world forward. Through our creative and branding services we help businesses find their purpose and connect with their audience. By trusting Sisu Group with your brand, you join our close network of creative professionals who embrace your team as an extension of our own. As a young agency, we aren’t afraid to pursue bold marketing tactics to elevate beyond your goals and inspire your target for years to come.

Meet our ambitious crew.

August Blankenship
CEO / Founder

I am the founder and CEO of Sisu Group. As the CEO, I manage and direct my team through new and existing client projects, assuring that we are on track and achieving our clients’ objectives in order to reach their goals every step of the way. I’m passionate about design and helping brands define who they are within their market. Being a people person, I love connecting with others and learning their stories as it helps me make more informed decisions in my life.

Maddi Keaton
Social Media Director / Copywriter

I am a self-described badass and wearer of many hats. As Sisu Group’s Social Media Director, I embrace the ever-evolving world of social media and publish consistently high-quality, high-value content. With years of agency experience, the content I craft is refined and effective, and I take every challenge in stride in order to meet and exceed goals set out by our clients.

Oliver Lindrose
Lead Designer

I am Sisu Group’s lead designer; therefore, I am a communicator. I love graphic design because I get to have full conversations with people I have never met. Being a designer means that I am in control of the conversation the viewer and I have. With color, typography, images, and anchor points as my words, inflection, and tone, I must figure out what I want to say nonverbally. Design is simply making choices - the ability to make these choices, and to do so effectively, is what makes me both a designer and a communicator.

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